I was looking for a quick way to learn Python after I’ve learned Ruby and Javascript. I needed a quick cheat sheet with some syntax differences and high-level concept differences of the two languages.

Often, when I would come across Python code online, I would be able to make out the logic — like I’m sure most programmers would after learning Javascript. Writing code in python? That’s a different story.

This cheat sheet serves as high-level comparisons between the two languages to get you started on the track to learning Python after Javascript or just wanting to improve your understanding…

I’ve previously written a detailed instructional piece on how to set up your new environment to bypass the new Apple Mac M1 chip’s limitations with existing package installers.

You’re probably here because you’ve run into issues with your cloned Terminal app running on Rosetta. More specifically, you’ve noticed the error messages when trying to open your Rosetta terminal (x86 Terminal App in my case), with notices about restricted user permissions.

First, let’s start off analyzing the current situation:

1. You are unable to open your cloned Rosetta app (x86) and your terminal quits unexpectedly.

2. You get error messages that you do not have permission to access the terminal app, while you know you are either the Admin or do in fact have these permissions.

Having trouble setting up your environment and Homebrew on your new M1 MacBook Pro? If you’re one of the early adopters who got the new M1 Apple Silicon Mac just to find that Homebrew and many other native terminal apps don’t yet have support for the new ARM architecture, you’ll be happy to know there’s a fairly simple workaround.

If your terminal messages look anything like this…

Error messages in terminal
Error messages in terminal

Or …

Generating a New Rails Application

In the terminal:

rails new blog-flash

You’ll need to add the name of your application after “rails new”

Set Your Domain Model and Build Schema

By this point, you should have your domain models & attributes planned. Now it’s time to set that all up.

We all love shortcuts. Luckily for us, rails gives some really convenient generators to set up your database through a few lines in the terminal.

Create Migration Table:

In the terminal:

In terminal: rails g migration create_coupons coupon_code:string store:string#Creates file under db/migrater#=> 20201117213427_create_coupons.rb

This action creates a file under your database library in the migrate folder. It will timestamp it and…

If you’re learning Ruby, you’ve come across some helpful tools to help write your logic called Enumerable’s. What’s an Enumerable? Basically Ruby’s special toolbox filled with a bunch of methods for traversal, searching and sorting through array’s or hashes. You can liken Ruby’s toolbox to any regular toolbox with a flathead & phillips screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, etc.

Let’s say you need to put a screw in the wall to hang a painting. What tool in your toolbox will you use?

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of screw is going in the wall. After looking at…

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